US printing expert Deborah Corn and the company Inkish.tv have published the video "Thank a printer" to show what printers are accomplishing in the Corona crisis.


And when the virus came, people turned to their leaders and their community and said:

“We need to keep our families and our loved ones safe. We need to know how. We need somebody willing to get up at dawn in the cold, in the rain, in the blistering heat and open their doors so we may keep ours closed. Somebody who will work tirelessly, with ink-stained clothes and calloused hands to fire up the presses, to feed the paper, to fold and score and distribute hope.”

So they called a Printer.

And when supplies ran low, when our heath care heroes on the front-lines desperately needed protection, Printers forged facemasks, face shields and partitions and answered the call of their nations to help their citizens heal.

They answered by reinventing and retooling and constructing 3D printed parts for respirators, breathing life into patients and hospitals and communities suffocating without.

They answered the call to transform children and parents into students and teachers, and kitchen tables into classrooms … and cathedrals.

They made the signs, the clings and the decals to arm their communities in the fight to stay open and distanced and educated.

They sent the mail that delivered checks that kept food on the table and lights overhead, and protected packaged goods on the shelves in storerooms and backrooms and pantries.

They worked in split shifts to keep us safe from harm while struggling to keep their doors open, not once asking for anything in return.

When we look back, when we have distanced ourselves from this moment in time and are reunited with each other, let’s not forget to remember who stood, fearless, at the gate, and said this community, this family, this business won’t go down on my watch.

Let us not forget to Thank a Printer.


Written by Deborah Corn, Print Media Centr.
Produced by INKISH and Print Media Centr.
Video editing by Jan Majnik · INKISH

Juni 2020