Horizon Smart Factory 2021

Horizon is proud to announce that the Horizon Smart Factory 2021 (HSF2021) event will be held from October 18-22, 2021 at Horizon Innovation Park (HIP) in Japan. This year’s theme is “Connectable Factory Automation”.

The Smart Factory concept is based on breakthroughs in machine automation and data collection which has resulted in the ability to increase productivity while reducing labor costs and turnaround times.

In collaboration with twelve industry leading companies, Horizon will create a working Smart Factory at HIP which brings together the pre-press, press, and finishing processes into timesaving, streamlined production lines.

HSF2021 will also host the world debut of several new solutions developed by the participating companies. Live broadcasts and unique online opportunities will be available for customers unable to physically attend the event due to travel restrictions.

Please register on this Website: Horizon Smart Factory registration